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Plumbing Free Mineral Water Dispenser

Install anywhere, drink your pure water!

Not only can you place your plumbing-free refrigerator wherever you want in your house, it also saves you money for installing the dispenser. You don't have to go through the trouble of moving the sink. Now your kitchen is cleaner and clearer than ever.

Smart detergent system

Smart Detergent System is an innovative new way to use detergent and conditioner. Washing machine with an autoload sensor weigh laundry, put the optimal amount automatically, thus, this system prevents waste of detergent.

- 20~23 times of use in total is available with one time supplementation.
- Using liquid washing materials, you can achieve the same results with cold water as warm water.

Drum up

Drum up your life with Daewoo ‘U’ series washing machines. Your inclined drum (40° inclination) makes it easier to put in and take out the laundry without over-straining your back.


In ‘U’ series, the control panel is on top of the machine. You can control the buttons at standing position and check the laundry progress status at once.


Advanced laundry feature with ‘Head Laundry + Rubbing Technique’

The new technology of this Drum Up washing machine enables a superior wash, at the same time preventing excessive wear on the clothing.

Magic Cool Zone

Having an independent cooling fan and precise temperature control sensor, Magic Cool Zone helps preserve a wide range of foodstuff in the most desired temperature conditions for a long time.

Power Off

System can be turned off manually when refrigerator is not in use for a longer time.

Touch Button Display

Easy to control with just a tip of a finger. A digital LED display panel shows you refrigerator running conditions.

Spill Proof Shelves

All shelves in Daewoo Electronics's SBS refrigerator are made of spill-proof glasses, preventing water leaks from accidental spills, while keeping the shelves clean all the way trough.

Perfect No Frost

In pursuit of Perfect No Frost System for decades, Daewoo Electronics's refrigerator is convenient to use, there is no need to scrape frost in the freezer and it has 5 times more powerful freezing capacity than other systems.

Air Bubble

The air bubbles that rise from the bottom eliminate the dirt from the clothes with water flow.

It activate the detergent and increase cleaning power when they burst on the clothes. Millions of air bubbles penetrate the fibres and then disperse to generate impulse energy which can wash laundry effectively even in cold water. The air bubbles minimize damage to clothes by reducing unnecessary friction which occurs not only between the clothes themselves but also between the clothes and the drum.